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  1. @MTGGoldfish Wow that art is atrocious.

  2. @DefyPutin @trash__fire @jordanbpeterson Oh jeez. Can’t be racist because it’s from the Bible. Fuck me you’re an im… https://t.co/CtzyB8fIHH

  3. All hat, no cattle. https://t.co/aAeWRbIgDZ

  4. @classiclib3ral @supermathskid Also fair.

  5. @jlane90 @RohanNagel1997 @YourAnonNews @McDonalds Well yeah, being the grinding wheel of capitalist exploitation that it is.

  6. @krisstraub This is headcanon now.

  7. @demotimvator If ever there was a poster boy for charlatanism.

  8. @SookieStakHaus @YourAnonNews And you need an AR-15 to protect your family?

  9. RT @NewYorker: "Ultimately, it all comes down to Waukesha County." A cartoon by Paul Noth, from 2016. https://t.co/MrjubqHeUH

  10. RT @MalcolmNance: Putin sends a shot across Trumps bow. ‘We can hurt your family directly’, Watch: RU lawyer says Trump jr offered Quid Pro…

  11. RT @florabotanics: @seanhannity https://t.co/pw1AqVYRGy

  12. RT @Pappiness: This was the vote on Russian Sanctions: House: 419-3 Senate: 98-2 Today, Trump said he won't impose the sanctions despite…

  13. RT @theintercept: The Rumsfeld documents strongly suggest that he was not envisioning an open-ended era of U.S. military operations after t…

  14. @AP @davidfrum Niiice

  15. @ArcticMeebo Unlike modern, where literally dozens of archetypes lose to affinity.