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  1. Hi pcj, So when someone backs the project through the paypal option as I did, are you guys provided with all the info you need to deliver reward content straight from Paypal? For example the customers e-mail address for delivery of digital conent and the shipping address for delivery of physical content? If so, I can relax. If not, I was wondering if there were any extra steps I needed to take to ensure I was fully set up. Also, thanks for letting me know that it is not an automated system. I have backed other projects through Kickstarter which has allowed a good centralized source of
  2. Hello, I just purchased SpaceVenture at the $100 physical tier from the 'Guys from Andromeda' website using the paypal option and I was wondering... How do I gain access to the SVRewards site which is listed as a tier reward for that level? Since I wasn't involved during the kickstarter I didn't receive any type of registration e-mail at the campaigns closing. Hoping someone in the know can point me in the right direction here as I am so excited to be a part of the adventure game renaissance in general and specifically the SpaceVenture project! Thanks!
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