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  1. I have made a few changes, you may need to hit refresh to see the changes if you've already played (stupid browsers caching javascript) This seems to be the result of the up keypress repeating when you hold it down (ie, if you hold down "a" its going to keep typing a's). I had something in the code to ignore repeat kepresses (unless the key was released first), but seeing how this is the way it works in the real game, I have removed that bit of code to better recreate the true Astro Chicken experience. I agree completely, it was much faster than the Dosbox/SQ Collection version I played most recently. I've slowed it down a bit to try and make it a little easier to control.
  2. I remembered it the same way you do, and actually finished the code the way you describe, but something didnt feel right, the chicken flight wasn't erratic enough. Then I noticed the in-game instructions said "UP ARROW: TOGGLE FLAPPING" and I thought huh... I never actually read the instructions before. I went back to my saved game in the Monolith Burger in SQ3 and sure enough that's how it actually worked, and it suddenly made sense why I had found the game so hard to play when I was a kid!
  3. Hi all! Longtime SQ fan, first time poster, and fellow backer of the SV Kickstarter. In my youth I used to run a fairly sub-par SQ fansite called Vohaul's Compound which proudly displayed Scott Murphy's signature in the guestbook (I believe he signed every fansite guestbook back then). This is my first time producing any SQ related web content since the late 90s, so if you're looking for something to pass the time before the SV comes out, I remade Astro Chicken in HTML5/Javascript: http://www.thejavaar...tro_chicken.php Please, shower me with your criticism so I can make it better! Also, I made the project open source, so you can contribute, improve, borrow whatever you feel. SVN checkout from google code here: https://code.google....source/checkout *please note this an abysmal example of Javascipt coding, so please don't use it to learn!
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