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  1. I'm on the same case I wan't to go past those crates but to no avail. There must be something but I don't know what, even with swipes it is not working.
  2. My comparison is based on Moebius from Jane Jensen Pinkerton Road CSG. Ican't say about the scope and compare it, no idea on both side of the complete gamedesign of course, and don't want to know and be spoiled. So I think it's fair to compare both of them, seeing there is just one month difference between both projects. So sure I'm much more pleased by what I saw on the other side, though not perfect either, but that's what betas are for. Somehow it's also much less "living" on the updates from the team here, not so much had been said and shown intro the blog so far. So yeah of cou
  3. I don't know if there is enough to really gives first impressions. I've yet to find progression, could get a keycard and then I don't know there is some crate I should move but have no idea how to do it as there is a very little things I have, which are the tool box (did not find any way to open or do anything with it yet) and the keycard. So far not too impressed Seeing another project which I backed having playable beta that has been released in march, and was in my opinion much more advanced than this one in terms of the gameplay and the content with just a month later for the end of t
  4. okay well I'm quite troubled, I've only played like 10 minutes not done a lot but that's already not too good for me. I know it's still in beta, but there are also just simple usage that seems wrong. First thing, the text location sometime I got multiple text at the same time, overlapping each over, guess it should be only one at a time and a new one repalce the previous or wait to be displayed. Next is information on the mouse location, that appears only on the top left of the screen, seriously this is not very big, and not very nice, it's much easier and intuitive to have information wr
  5. Found it just read the pdf. Directional Swipes is what you need ;) Btw just got that point and the background behind the door doesn't look right at all. Looks much to flat and not very nice. Even a little "dent" in the middle of the line, right in the middle of the screen. And once behind the door there is no man, so I don't know why there is this man when we are behind the door and no man after opening.
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