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  1. The crate puzzle reminds me the one at the beginning of Indy and the Fate of Atlantis. Intuitively speaking.
  2. Ah thanks! I just tried saving and loading, but it's too broken to be used. I saved in the janitor room, and rooter disappeared (he was in dog form in the same room before). When I got out, the crates where in original position and could not be moved again.
  3. I see that people are able to save/load the game, but when I click on the "save/load" button in the PDA, nothing happens (I'm running the Windows version). Is there an hotkey or something? Also, concerning hotkeys, I don't know if they are planned, but I like them a lot. I'm currently playing the Sam & Max from LucasArts, and like in Space Quest the action buttons are not always on the bottom (this is Monkey Island style) and they make the game easier to handle and more enjoyable. So hotkeys (W to walk, U to use, etc) would be a great addition, and probably not too hard to implem
  4. The spinning bug happened to me also in the Janitor room. Maybe because I tried to pick up Rooter beeing too close to a wall/crate.
  5. This is in fact a screen ratio issue as "sndwv" mentionned just above. I tried in 1600x1200 and the issues still remain. You should also note that the Janitor room's door is out of the screen, as a result the game is broken with a 4:3 ratio because you can't even use the keycard.
  6. On lower resolutions, the UI is not scaled. I tried running in 800x600 : The "Space Quest" logo is cropped. The arrows to navigate through the inventory are out of the screen. The walk icon (top of the screen) is cropped.
  7. Same experience for me: Swipe controls are a pain, moving the crates was extremely difficult. I tried a few time without success and gave up. It's only later after reading on the forum that some people managed to move them that I tried again. Hotspots are very small and confusing : like the top of the cart to get the keycard. Also Ace is moving very slowly, "double click" to make him run would be nice. The font is not very readable on bright background : it needs more contrast. Like a bigger black border. And of course a lot of scripting bugs (hotspots disappearing, cart position not saved a
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