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  1. I don't even mind the art direction as-is (not speaking for previous commenters). The way I see it, is that the choice to use 3D character models (not my preference, but a given) also calls for a different style for backgrounds etc. to make everything blend together. I think if even more effort could be put towards smoothing things out I could still be perfectly happy with the end result. I remember watching behind the scenes videos from Iron Giant (and I believe Emperor's New Groove) that showed how much trial-and-error the animators went through to blend in CG with traditional animation befo
  2. I agree in part with the comment above by HCH. While I do not think that SV should necessarily adhere to the exact same art style as the old SQ games - as long as it creates a coherent style of it's own - I do feel a bit of the magic was lost by using modern and/or time or cost saving techniques. The most jarring to me is when software used to create the art or the engine that runs the game shine through in the final product (that '60fps feel' is a good example, I mentioned poly-count and particle effects earlier). While the same could be said for the pencil and paint origins and low resolutio
  3. First impressions after only a short play session: Likes: - That was one hell of a nostalgic space backdrop. :) - While some scenes and objects show their 3D-model origins, the game still does have a very pretty and coherent syle. - The music is great and parodies along wonderfully by taking itself seriously and referencing exisisting scores. - The humor is still there. Meh: - In the airlock scene Ace's model really stands out due to (I think) low poly count, floaty feet and lack of drop shadow. - Some effects like the lights and engine trails in the opening look like 'stock' par
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