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    sndwv reacted to Troels Pleimert in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    Nope -- that's why backers got to see it first. A proper demo wouldn't be an alpha version, anyway.

    What you're seeing in the backer's alpha is literally the earliest cohesive, playable version we've made. Hate to use the word again, but what you're looking at is literally the first effort. It's part of a ploy to keep fans involved and show them progress of the game -- warts and all -- to see the progression of the game from earliest beginnings to full-fledged galaxy-crushing monster product.
    I understand your reticence to love the game right off the bat, but please see the bigger perspective. :) You wouldn't necessarily fawn over watching the first pencil sketch for the Mona Lisa, either.
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    sndwv got a reaction from pcj in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    First impressions after only a short play session:
    - That was one hell of a nostalgic space backdrop. :)
    - While some scenes and objects show their 3D-model origins, the game still does have a very pretty and coherent syle.
    - The music is great and parodies along wonderfully by taking itself seriously and referencing exisisting scores.
    - The humor is still there.
    - In the airlock scene Ace's model really stands out due to (I think) low poly count, floaty feet and lack of drop shadow.
    - Some effects like the lights and engine trails in the opening look like 'stock' particle effects and somewhat break immersion for me.
    - The demo expects a widescreen resolution and cuts off the sides on other aspect ratios. Had to select 1600x900 on my 1600x1200 monitor.
    - Like others I don't mind the click&drag puzzles, but the interface should be optimized imo: maybe show a different cursor when an object is 'grabbed' by click-holding it and/or show the actual in-game object in a grabbed state.
    - I would like to be able to cycle through the icons (mouse wheel?) just like right click did in the old Sierra games. The pop-up menu works, but is somewhat cumbersome.
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