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  1. Between the two, I'd side with real-time graphical updates. That's the more straightforward way to indicate to the player that something is happening because of what they are doing. I will state again, that the sliding mechanic seems to present more opportunities for misuse rather than good use at this point. Unless there are consequences for not doing something right, don't needlessly complicate them. For example, if the airlock could be jammed or the wrong sequence could eject you out into space, then could make sense to have some kind of sliding puzzle... as long as the slide
  2. The biggest issue I have so far is the lack of feedback with the UI. It would be helpful to have the cursor icons change to context to indicate that your are actually doing something. Examples: Walk cursor would animate to show a room change point. Click and hold swipes show the center point and a direction vector arrow. Use cursors woulld animate when something can be used. Look cursor would change (maybe a squint) for something of interest. Just those little details would help figure out things, and what is and isn't feasible. On a touch interface, you could have a cursor
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