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  1. Make sure you've moved the last crate ( says "4" on the side ).
  2. Shift-S to save, Shift-L to load +1 to this
  3. I'm finding it hard to get through the demo, due to some annoying bugs. - When leaving the supply room, sometimes the crates will be back to starting positions, and I'll enter the hallway outside the crates. - If I'm carrying Rooter when leaving the supply room, no matter where I click in the hallway, Ace will go back to the supply room. - Sometimes Rooter heads will multiply like crazy in my inventory. I can go from one room to another, and suddenly I have like 10 Rooter heads. This can also happen if I have sockets attached to the heads. I found 2 sockets on the workbench and fastened one of them to the head, and when I got to the red corridor, there were multiple heads, both with and without sockets in them. I removed the sockets from the heads, but they were all of the same type, so the one I found behind the soda can was gone. - If I save the game and then reload, Rooter is gone. So I've been starting over a lot... I'm playing on OSX.
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