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  1. As of yet, everything is still quite rough around the edges, which is perfectly acceptable for an early alpha. Lots of bugs, but it's thoroughly satisfying to see that things are progressing! I'll try to limit my list of issues to things not already reported by others: After clicking to use the airlock door, there's no way back to the full view, which was disconcerting, especially as I had no idea I could operate the handles (just clicking the hand icon on them gives no feedback, and the swipe is unintuitive for a mouse on a desktop PC). Because of that airlock door view, I thought the arrows at the bottom were like an "exit" or "rotate view" thing. Perhaps add something like a darker background behind the inventory strip and place the text "nothing in your inventory" or something to make it more obvious what this actually is? I clicked the Rooter icon in the toolbar whilst looking at the airlock door (even though it was white as Rooter was in toolbox form) and it switched anyway, but I couldn't switch back to Ace anymore. In the red steam hallway, it is very difficult to select an icon from the top toolbar unless I move the mouse cursor down very slowly. Moving it too fast closes the toolbar. Happens only in this area. Apart from many Rooter heads, it's also possible to multiply the sockets. Unlike the Rooter heads, those can't be gotten rid of. The font is not very readable. A cleaner typeface as well as a darker background, sort of like a text box would make it much clearer. When running in full-screen mode, the game does not limit the cursor to the extents of the monitor. This happens with all Unity games and is quite annoying as I keep accidentally clicking on another monitor when I simply wanted to walk of the screen. I found getting Rooter to switch modes inside the supply closet only worked some of the time. Some of the timing is off. (Rooter switches to dog mode on the shelf in the supply closet *before* Ace whistles, Aces walks out of the forklift's way, but then walks right through it as it is moving) Clicking the "look" icon on the workbench ("use" icon doesn't work, though I think that should) when Ace is near the doorway makes his walk just a few steps, but doesn't actually gets to the workbench view. Getting Rooter to the other side of the steam, then simply walking off the screen gets Ace there despite the steam not having been shut off. Alternatively: switching to Ace after turning off the steam, then walking left off the screen makes Rooter disappear permanently. The steam also switched back on. The slider with which the tubes open is so thoroughly hidden it was purely accidental that I managed to open it. Expecting that the Nostrodomus had touch-screen technology, I clicked the "use" icon on the "Locked" indicators, which did nothing except slide Ace left a few pixels. Other things that stood out to me and I liked them very much: The crates that have to be moved are actually numbered graphically indicating the order in which they are to be moved -- nice touch! Love seeing the sleeping Roger and many other nods to Space Quest. Different people have different tastes, but I gotta say I love the graphics and animation. Very atmospheric as well as perfectly fitting for the genre. Apart from some clipping and timing glitches, I think it's great. Only improvement I might suggest is to give Ace a bit of a shadow so he is more grounded in the scene. Ken Allen is doing a great job at the music too! Overall, I love the progress being made and am looking forward to being able to play this game. At the same time a little wary about having too much demo, as I'm afraid it might spoil the fun. Then again, I'm not sure I can help myself... gotta see what's happening :)
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