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  1. I think every Lucasarts game had this. I remember using it on Monkey Island and even Zak McKracken :) But, my memory could be a bit misty after all those years I played them. :P Spot on. Creating digital music is hard work! But, the way the music sounds now is not a deal breaker for me. I just hope some of the instruments will be revisited by Ken so it all sounds a bit more in tune to eachother. Atleast we get an idea of what to expect in the final product.:)
  2. Using state of the art VSTI's doesn't mean automaticaly that every chosen sound is the right one. The current midi like sound of some of the instruments is something that I personally don't like to much. (e.g. the trumpet sounds). But, the music that is provided does create atmosphere and I like the compositions.
  3. Ok, my two cents...much is already covered in the other posts :) Here is what I liked: - The art looks great! - The music sounds fitting, although still a bit too much on the midi side for my liking. - Rooter is an awesome companion:) - The atmosphere is great, I really liked exploring the demo - All those SQ references...classic :)) - I had NO crashes...the game runs smooth (i5 3,2 ghz) Strange things I encountered: - sometimes the rooms reset when you re-enter them. This often results in a session that I can't complete - Having an inventory item active as a cursor should be m
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