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  1. I know this discussion happened a year ago and I'm late to weigh in. I was really disappointed to hear that some of the criticisms levied against the Space Quest Fan games. I agree that breaking cannon can be annoying, but does everyone need to be a Space Quest Historian? Just enjoy these games for what they are. I bought all the original Space Quest games when they were released. In my mid thirties I have still failed to evolve beyond a gamer. Fed up with the games released by major gaming publishers I have now started to see some of the games created by fans and kick-starter projects. I like them - a lot! It really got my goat when I heard some people in this forum saying they "hate" a particular fan-game because of ripped graphics. That they felt so uninhibited that they could voice their perception of laziness! I would like to ask these people if they ever finished Space Quest 4? In the case of fan games - not everyone is a talented artist, musician, or has the ability to write a script - they are trying to do the best with what they have on the little resources they have available. These games are not sold commercially but freely distributed, they are often made by people while studying, working jobs or supporting a family. The key point I raise again is "doing the best with what they have!". Sierra that produced the original fan inspiring titles was a company that did the best with what the had! Those people did their best, received encouragement and got better at what they did in turn. I recently listened to the interviews by Chris Pope and Sierra was sourcing kids from the local high school and turning kitchen staff into game developers. Sirra wanted to move to larger markets and their games fell out of popularity, but it was trying to obsess over the best talent and market appeal that divorced this company from its humble origins. It was moving on from these humble origins that made their games indistinguishable form so many other soulless games on the market. Today, I don't think they even have anybody that gives a rats about their IP. I think these people who have put their time and effort into creating these games that they choose to share with the community should be encouraged, and not criticised by people who haven't released a game themselves. Unlike the Star Wars, there is no George Lucas to come and pass his decree on what is cannon and set a standard. Instead in this case, there is a loosely knit community of people united by a love of Space Quest. It is these people who produce such diversity and ultimately succeed in keeping the series alive. Now sure, go and pick my statements to bits as I'm sure some of you will but I'm glad for anything and everything Space Quest and anybody who has contributed has my unconditional gratitude. Thank you.
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