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    Where is my pledge?

    I pledged for this game in 2012 on kickstarter. I just remembered about this game tonight so I wanted to check on my pledge but I cant seem to find anything about my pledge. I looked on KS and it only has my 1 other KS pledge from recent. I tried looking here: https://guysfromandromeda.com and I dont even see a login or anything. I know in the past I logged in somewhere to look at my pledge and account but Im missing it somewheres. Any help,info or links where I should be looking? I also looked here but see nothing about a pledge amount or really anything game related.
  2. Nervustwitch

    Where is my pledge?

    NVM, found it.
  3. I find the main page very lacking in info,I backed this game during the KS campaign and yet I still have no clue whats going on with the game or when the release is suppose to be. Am I missing something here? I honestly have kind of given up on the game all togehter and I was a huge sierra/SpaceQuest fan when they were originally released.
  4. Nervustwitch

    So whats the news for SpaceVenture

    Thx for the reply.Yes I am a backer and I have never recieved a single email.Hmmmmm. Thanks again for the info.