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  1. @findyrfinalend Usually, if they're nice at all to me, I feel like I've done something wrong.

  2. @transscribe I like getting all the bad news, but with a spin that leaves room for hope for the future. Or even the present, sometimes.

  3. @PushinUpRoses I get the same thing. I just try to turn that feeling on its head. When I can still laugh at a joke… https://t.co/Nu2NX1Znkh

  4. @voltcatfish @Rachel_Destross If I drew that line, I'd have to unfollow most of the Internet.

  5. @bdgrabinski Watch every other anime. Get someone to tell you which parts are the Evangelion parodies. Assemble a c… https://t.co/0hrFQiLGjo

  6. @Pidmon @Djw175 Hurting yourself isn't going to help anyone. Doing good things for yourself helps at least one person.

  7. @Djw175 I know it's not my fault, but it not being my fault doesn't stop me from feeling bad. I think you know that feeling too.

  8. @Pidmon @CandyArachnid Wimpy's only making me wait until Tuesday, so...

  9. ME: *has too many new games I haven't played* ALSO ME: *is installing the Secret of Mana remake*

  10. @Beancatte Look at those impressive, tiny 1253fps graphics.

  11. @FreezingInferno Sadist and Masochist.

  12. @Djw175 My favorite kind of recipe. "Open package. Remove food. Enjoy." The best part is they always tell you to en… https://t.co/S5ZpenXuFa

  13. @bufi44 The table. It was a very short fall.

  14. This is a new meaning for "all" that I can't say I agree with.

  15. I just noticed that one of my mom's cats was missing - the really affectionate one that hates being alone. I search… https://t.co/YskKJsDvgt