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  1. AHHH!! FINALLY!! thanks for your help I manage to get the installer to work on wineskin then loaded the new files into boxer and voila!! it worked! Thanks again. Is there anything I should know about to get SQ4 to use best sound etc etc?? Or that game should be fine as is?
  2. Im outta my depth here, Ive finally worked out how to use dosbox i downloaded the file and tried to run it in dosbox but its saying this "program cant be run in DOS mode". Any possibility you could post the drv file I need here so I could just simply drop it in with the other games files, edit the config file and get it to work that way. Or is there something more required? thanks again
  3. So where can I find a fan hack driver? Ive tried the file mtblast.drv found here http://www.sierrahelp.com/Patches-Updates/Patches-Updates-Misc/UpdatedSoundCardDrivers.html which gives great sound but no "where am I" Is this the correct file? Am i missing a step somewhere?
  4. ah ha yup its working I added the sndblast.drv to the config file.. the problem was i was skipping the intro. The mt32.dvr sounds a whole lot better tho but it didnt contain the "where am I" voice over?!. Is the MT32 file suppose to have this as well? thanks again!!
  5. Hey all, Im just revisiting sq series on my macbook, last time I played was many moons ago on an Atari 1040. So Ive read theres a patch for the sound in SQ3 which enables you to hear Roger saying "Where am I" And I cant for the life of me to get it to work. Ive added the new sndblast.drv file which kinda works because its playing an updated version of the music but no "where am I" as he exits the pod (im guessing this is where he said it??) Ive also have the MT32 version working which sounds very nice but no "where am i" Im using the latest mac os with boxer, Ive tried using dosbox bu
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