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  1. Does anyone think "Fronzel Neekburm" might be an anagram?
  2. I would rather it take forever to be released than it not be released on wii at all.
  3. Why?! The Wii-mote provides the perfect format for the adventure genre!
  4. It was released by Sierra and it had a few Space Quest tables on it. Has anyone played this?
  5. Man this weekend has lasted almost two years. lol
  6. That's the way I meant it. Vohaul's Mines looked cool, but unfortunately it was shut down like so many other good space quest projects.
  7. I'm speaking of course about the one being made by Infamous Adventures, not the ill-fated Vohaul's Mines.
  8. Does anyone have any news about how this one is coming along? It seems like this might be the first Space Quest fangame in years that will actually be completed without interference from some shortsighted corporate parasite.
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