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  1. Some models are stand ins and some colors and textures need work, but I've working on this for a little while and i like it. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. I think you should pack up all the stuff you can't trust him with, and relocate to a friends house, or a parents house, or something, until you can find a new place to live, this dickheads obviously more trouble than he's worth, and you shouldn't stick around any longer than you need to, when the time comes ask the police to acompany you while you get the rest of your stuff to move. Great looking screenshot, hope every thing works out for you dude.
  3. Hope can be curse dear "guest" it is the river in which all true fans drown.
  4. I'm really starting to think this isn't a hoax, I think this dude just wants us all sitting on the edge of our seats hoping he'll come back. You can't just excite us an then disapear dude, come on back!
  5. Yeah, I've got a good feeling about this, even if it's not good it's still new Sapce Quest, which I'm always up for. Darealdeal: Like some of us have said before, I definately don't think you should call it Space Quest 7, Vivendi doesn't seem to care about Sierra fan games, but the only two that I've ever seen that had numbers trying to say they were the next in the series got in trouble, unless I'm mistaken.
  6. I'm starting to regain hope, I'm still volunteered, though I won't give you an e-mail address until I'm satisfied with your proof. Also, please sign up for an account so people don't need to post there e-mail addresses out in the wide open, I don't distrust anyone who is a member, but this is a public forum.
  7. I mean the control panel, the GIU, that's waht I'm talking about, the screenshots themselves look amazing, it's the graphic interpahce unit that I think needs a color change, the one you use in your most recent screenshot just looks too much like SQ6.
  8. I liked the color scheme on the control panel before, similar enough to remind of SQ6, but different enough to be it's own entity, I don't think the one you're using in the new screenshot is quite different enough. P.S. I've replied to your PM, also that project I was working on was a SQ Fan comic. I believe the first page of script is linked in my signature.
  9. It's really nice to se that there's still a project that hasn't fallen by the wayside, some awesome looking work here, and I throw my hat into the ring if you need some dialogue help as well. GYI My project is one of the ones that has fallen by the wayside.
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