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  1. I found this on the boards and I think it articulates what most of us consider canon storylines. I refer to the chart a few posts down. He did a great job on it. http://forum.sqvsb.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1032
  2. we must find this activision person and convince him to see the light. Everyone, grab a mop and a cigar butt and follow me! To activision headquarters!
  3. I have to admit, I got a little misty eyed when I saw what was in the janitors closet. Here's hoping someday that is back where it belongs. I want to say that I am truly excited to play this game. I know how hard you are all working to make sure that this even remotely comes close to meeting our expectations, and I believe in you. Short of taking my money and running to Andromeda, i don't think it will be possible for you guys to disappoint me, and I am going to do my damndest to make sure that this gets the support it deserves :) As for the alpha itself, something I would like to suggest. (this is keeping in mind that this is basically little more than a prototype, not really a demo. I've done trouble shooting, play testing, and even a little game design before so I know how much work it took just to make this and how much there is left to do.) For any objects that slide, maybe have the hand icon change to a hand icon with an arrow when you hover over them. This gives the player a clearer indication that the object is to be dragged, not just clicked on. Or have Ace or Gary say that as much as they would like to pick up said object, it really looks more like the sliding type of thing.
  4. Incinerations was good, no doubt, but I actually found it a little dark for space quest. It was not my favourite by a long shot. (That remains, at the time of this writing to be SQ3, followed closely by 6 and 5) Also its riddled with plot holes but anytime time travel is brought up that happens anyway. It seemed to me that the "canon" ending to this sequal in the space quest parallel universe was an attempt to return wilco to his roots as a space faring janitor alone against the void like he was in 1-3. Also Incinerations carries on from the "non canon" ending of vohaul strikes back, as the creator has said many times that the paragon ending is what he consideres the canon ending, so we basically have three parallel universes going right now. The main canon universe, which, in my humble opinion, is still at SQ6 until the two guys can do more with it, the alternate universe where 0, 2.5, and VSB are canon, and the newest one branching off from Incinerations.
  5. where on the door? I must have clicked almost every piece of the door, and nothing happened. I even went over the keycard reader mashing my mouse button all over the place and nothing happened
  6. I think the hotspots need to be clearer, and the pointers should have a little dot or pointed part that shows you where the icon is actually clicking. I found the hotspot for the supplies closet impossible to find, despite4 probably 200 clicks all over the door.
  7. still stuck on making the keycard work on the door. is it a swipe? if so where's the hotspot? I can't seem to find it.
  8. the keycard I found, and I moved the boxes but I cant get the door to read the card, that's my issue
  9. cant even get INTO the supplies closet, much less get the vent open
  10. I've tried a number of times to use the keycard on the supplies door but I can't get it to open :S
  11. Anyone who has linux who is worth their scripting ability has a windows emulator because lots of stuff doesnt work on linux. Fail to see the problem here.
  12. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1317934609/forsaken-fortress?ref=category Survival post apocalyptic RPG
  13. Don't forget yall, if you see something in here that you DO like, be sure to spread the word. Incedentilly the unforgotten realms one is at 65%, so its doing well. Duane and Brando on the other hand looks like they will fail theirs :(
  14. Two excellent musicians and rappers that specialize in video game music really need our help to get their stuff back on track. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/duaneandbrandotour/the-return-of-duane-and-brando-tour
  15. thats fine if you are kickstartered out, the idea of this topic was to post kick starters that need more attention. If you know someone who might be interested in whatever gets posted here, or if you find kickstarters YOu want to bring more attention to, post em here and hopefully we good space quest fans will spread the word as far as we can :)
  16. from what I understand, after talking to some people about it, linux would be a stretch goal. The guy making this is pretty much making the game single handedly, so he needs to plan his time and finances carefully. I use linux too and I can safely say that programming a game for a linux system is....challenging, and the large majority of people don't use it, because its not as "user frienly" as windows and mac, so he would need extra incentive to do a linux port.
  17. I thought with the space quest community being what we are, that it might be nice for us to reach out and help other kickstarters in need. With that in mind, I present Unforgotten Quest, a 2D side scrolling action RPG with a heavy focus on humour an d4th wall breaking (really its right up the alley of space quest fans) You can check out the kick starter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/urealms/unforgotten-quest
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