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  1. Paul Trowe's done very bad moves/word choices in his announcements/tweets. People are already turning against him and this gamespygeek thing points at Replay Games. This makes me a bit worried: I have a bad feeling this is going to turn ugly.. Two Guys already made it clear they are not interested in joining Replay games. Unless something's changed, this looks like bad news.
  2. If there's any truth in that article, it's very sad. The stuff Paul tweeted during the Sam Suede situation was unnecessary and did no good to anybody. And the disrespect toward Chris Pope, that's uncalled-for. If it gets confirmed that Paul is gamespygeek, I will be very disappointed. Anyway, Two Guys have one helluva community here, so let's keep this negative stuff off the kickstarter thread and get the project funded!!
  3. I think that asking TGFA to play a marathon would be too much to ask, they've got so much stuff to do. During JohnnyPhantom's marathon they hung around chatting and that was very, very cool!
  4. I think that marathons are great, but marathon every weekend can be bit too much. I see it important that we will have a FINAL marathon with TGFA onboard near the end of the kickstarter campaign (the weekend before deadline), because that can and will make people up their pledges! (How I know this? A marathon actually made me up my pledge).
  5. Here's how I see it: Negative: I think that delays with prototypes are a very bad thing as well as lack of communication from Scott and Mark lately (3 days is a long time in internet world). I know that some of the backers pulled back their pledges because of this. When it comes to announcements, I think that TGFA should use more powerful way with words, such as "we will do this and that" instead of "we might do this and that", because "might" = not confirmed. I don't want to lecture or offend anyone, but to me it's more convincing when they confirm things in their announcements. There'
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