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  1. A look at the historical fiction of R. E. Howard https://t.co/E6hQNyZODE

  2. Another look at the old game box art. This time with some Boris Vallejo. https://t.co/68ubMc0ygM

  3. Batman and Harley Quinn is uneven in its comedy. Fun movie though, but uneven. https://t.co/0WYg1AMblW

  4. @sylvainsarrailh @AdventureGamers It's a shame they didn't use this original art on the remastered version of the game.

  5. My final thoughts on the Sierra Hi-Res series, games that were the foundation of Sierra. https://t.co/tDB8xWmLOz

  6. Kong: Skull Island is a better monster movie I thought it would be. Well acted and visually pleasing. Skull lizards… https://t.co/7npciQ1rft

  7. The Dark Crystal was the last game to the Sierra's Hi-Res adventure series. It follows the movie but has some addit… https://t.co/01VYAMNwCN

  8. Time Zone by Roberta Williams and old Sierra was, and still is, one of the biggest adventure games ever made having… https://t.co/afZI90Vk7q

  9. This time I go to the Realms of the Haunting. FMV is entertaining, but the game itself is a tad too clunky. good el… https://t.co/8vGZ60a9vc

  10. Some more old game box art goodness https://t.co/QmmtUCdWFl https://t.co/VlSHqqFmCK

  11. Who remembers seeing Nosferatu in theatres on its original release date? I can say not me. https://t.co/5L8HNxb7uB

  12. There aren't many games like Jazzpunk https://t.co/2mKIXNBArn

  13. @grumpygamer But no one can be bigger than the United States?

  14. The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia was on my mind today. https://t.co/lY6GHzFQS4

  15. Investigator could have been an interesting little walking sim, but lacks the writing to be that. https://t.co/ma2totg3vH