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  1. King's Quest VI is charming, yet tonally inconsistent game. #sierra #adventure #kingsquest

  2. Here's to #spaceventure, my biggest disappointment in crowdfunding:

  3. Uneven is a good word for King's Quest 7 #sierra #kingsquest #adventure

  4. My take on #robertehoward and his #ConanTheBarbarian stories. Great stuff. #fantasy #swordandsorcery

  5. Gold Rush! 2 is actually a thing. Better late than never, I guess, so Half Life 3 has a real chance yet.

  6. @grumpygamer Congrats, @thimbleweedpark is one of the funniest games I've played in ages.

  7. @TimOfLegend Well, it's said that cannibalism is what holy men do, so I guess it depends. Then again, you're a game dev...

  8. Tides of Numenera is a good game. Not as good as Planescape, but still good. #TormentTidesOfNumenera

  9. The Last Door games are pretty great retro themed, Lovecraft influenced gems. #horror #adventures #Lovecraft

  10. @imdb now that you've shutdown the message board I have no way of knowing why an episode of a series or a movie I liked sucked.

  11. As far the stories of Robert E. Howard go, A Gent From Bear Creek wasn't for me.

  12. @PekkaRuuska @magento They just want to know that you downloaded it securely. Otherwise it wouldn't be a security patch.

  13. @RMichaelauthor I had the same problem. It sat on my hard disk for months on end between my intervals from playing it. I

  14. You know, Cary Elwes sprung just into my mind. He did fantastic job in Bard's Tale as a sarcastic, snarky bard. His voice work managed to rise a mediocre action RPG into an enjoyable experience.
  15. Personally I'd choose someone with their own persnality in the voice rather than "sound a like". The problem with people why kinda like sound or try to imitate some one is, that more often than not you'll soon notice that the person isn't doing something that he can naturally do for hours. There's always some ques, words or pharses where the vocie snaps off for a moment. I really liked the guy who did narration for Larry Reloaded. It was at the same time in line with LSL7, but it also was its own thing.