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  1. Wait Sim Lite

    Tired of immediate gratification from your games? Wait Simulator has everything you need to draw out every ounce of fun from your device. Set it, but don't forget it! (SPOILER ALERT) That's how you lose the game.

    "enjoyed the '1 week' and '1 month' IAPs" - planetl0rd626
    "why are there ear-piercing notifications every morning at 4 AM that i can't shut off?" - sleepeebear1984
    "Definitely the best use of your life." - abelinkin
    "This generation's 'The Wall'." - RollingSt0n3d


  2. I don't know if it's been said already, but I find it odd that "eye"ing something, for instance, while walking around, that the resulting description that pops up follows Ace around. Is it just me or should pop-up dialog be fixed on the screen?


    A lot of the narrative is spoken by Ace (or the relevant character), so the narrative appears over his head. In the case of a narrator (or lack of any characters), it is center-screen fixed. This is something we're still feeling out in terms of design.


    I also think the dialog shouldn't naturally time-out so quickly. I have to click something more than once to read it out loud to my kids.. Force-close on dialog issues come up then too, though. Leave it up too long and people get frustrated, if there's no way to "click again" to close the dialog. Not sure a good solution there.. :(


    We have a settings for message timeouts ... that has been woefully neglected during interactions setup, unfortunately. I think this will become automated in the future to ensure we get around the human factor of laziness ;)

  3. First most basic question; are we going to see refinements to the demo as things progress, or is the demo a "completely different build" and as effort is made on the primary game, the demo will remain the release we see today?


    I suspect we'll be wrapping up a load of bug fixes for the demo very soon and updating the demo with those fixes.


    • What are the minimum requirements and recommended settings? I'm not a massive computer gamer anymore.. I went from PC gaming back into console gaming about ten years ago beacuse no matter what, buy a console game and it will work, period. No driver issues, no upgrading necessary. So, for players like me, it would be nice if the startup window (or future game welcome screen, or something) had some opportunity to run a quick "test my system for optimum play" button. If there are going to be parts of the game where gameplay may suffer if the engine is too busy trying to do the best graphics rendering -- because the user didn't know any better -- it would be nice if the game could provide some defaults..
    • My laptop only supports up to 1024 x 768. It's an old business laptop.. I have plans to upgrade it, but as life and family happens, that's just not the top of the list. I have tried running other resolutions as well (they're offered, after all!), but every one crops the startup screen. And from what I read, the rest of the game too? It seems odd to me that the game can't be overall scaled. That would seem a Unity problem, rather than a SV problem, right? Scaling might force a lower graphics quality to keep up with the scaling needs, and I can understand that. I suppose my first question is.. can the game be fully played at 1024x768 or even 800x600, or am I wasting my time trying?
    • I agree that right-clicking should cycle through the options rather than just bringing up a menu; or maybe make it a game setting (assignable right-click action), because I can see different people wishing it did different things

    1.) We don't currently have a baseline for performance. The requirement for profiling and hardware testing and simulation is quickly approaching, however, and we can give a better indicator of minimums then.


    2.) Resolution has been an on-going battle and we're looking into solutions for that (not just for PC/Mac/Linux, but also mobile)


    3.) Suggestions noted! Thanks!


    Game glitches:

    • I think a lot of them have been covered so far.. A few I'll point out though.
    • In the janitor closet, clicking on the shelf "empty-handed," Ace goes through some odd movement, like he's trying to push a non-existant crate. I realized after-the-fact what was happening, but not until reading the forum here. :) Ace shouldn't go through a movement if he doesn't have "what it takes" at the moment for that movement to happen.
    • Save/Load doesnt' work for me.. period. CTRL-S doesnt' do anything, clicking in the 'TEL window (which is of course chopped off; all I see is "TARI TEL") on save/load doesn't do anything either. It clicks when I click it, but nothing else happens. It's frustrating because when I encounter a bug (like closing the box on the workbench) where I have to exit the whole game, I'm having to start over from scratch..
    • Walking Ace through the hot steam with Rooter out, if I then select rooter and just keep going (who needs an owner, anyway??), when I enter the next screen left of the red corridoor, Ace is there again with Rooter (reincarnation by neglect?), but Ace is not selectable/playable.
    • Likewise, after Ace is steamed, if Roter goes and turns off the steam, he can't get back to Ace. Something keeps drawing him back to where he was..
    • In the initial hallway (just after the airlocks), if you never pick up Rooter and head for the toliet paper, Rooter's missing when you return to the hallway. Whistle and you can hear him transform, go back to the red corridoor and he's there following you..
    • Not sure if it was mentioned or not, but somehow Ace is really strong; he can push crates while holding the toolbox! ;)
    • Also might have already been mentinoed, sometimes picking up the toolbox sends Ace into a continual spin..
    • Leaving the closet as Rooter, with Ace following, causes an endless loop; Rooter leaves the closet but when he appears in the hallway, Ace is behind him, the game things Ace is going back into the closet, so Rooter turns around and follows him.. loop repeats..

    Thanks for the thorough list! As for the save, I think it was "Shift-S" instead of "Ctrl-S"? Try that, but it's not likely to work any better even if it appears to be. I've had to completely overhaul the game's state management in the last few days due to a phantom lack of persistence (the entire point of state management.) The new solution is not only reliable, it's also compatible with mobile platforms ... something we didn't have with this release.


    Game specific theory:

    • I really like the earlier suggestion for the first screen or two to offer "gameplay tips" in the dialog. Don't force it or make the user go through required movements just to start the game (some Nintendo Wii games do this) -- that just makes it less fun when going through replays of the game later. Rather, incorporate in the early actions part of the response dialogs hints on what types of movements are possible in the game. Some ideas would be,

      "Hmm, it seems that this is some sort of knob. You know, the kind that you can click and drag, or swipe in the direction you want it to go! Hmmm, I wonder if we have to pay a royalty to Pear Computers-- didn't they patent that too?"

      "This amazing red box is Rooter, your personal companion through the amazingly, umm, unique, sludge that aliens from across the galaxy seem to enevitably leave in the pipes you so often have to clean out. Just give a little whistle and he pops out like a little cricket ready to help, or turns back into a box that you can pickup, or leave right were he is."

      "Hey, you've found some toilet paper! you could have really used that a couple hours ago. Now all you need is a washing machine and a few quarters. I wonder if I can move them around like a big super absorbant puzzle?"

    • I also like the idea of Rooter in toolbox form as a selectable inventory item to "do something with."
    • Something my brother and I mentioned to Scott Murphy during lunch one day last summer, just in case it didn't make its way to the rest of the team- one really EASY way to give the game varying "difficulty" levels is to put different things in certain places. For instance, when rummaging through the toilet paper, a "difficult" setting may only give you part of what you need (like access to another room to rummage through), where an "easy" setting would give you the tool you need. Yes, an easier game mode may therefore entirely miss certain screens (and that's okay), but it gives an opportunity for easier gameplay for younger kids, and a more rich experience or more difficult gameplay for others. You could also incorporate family friendliness on that scale too- Some settings give you items that cause certain dialog responses. Other settings give you different items that are naturally programmed for different dialog responses. .. just an idea ..

    All awesome suggestions! Noted and thanks!

  4. I don't know the ins and outs of what they're doing with the money, but I don't think it would have to grow...

    if they are able to pay themselves wages of some sort out of the kickstarter money they got, enough to live on, then

    they're fine... pay bills and make computer games that you own all the rights to for a living and do

    them how you want them, sounds pretty good as it is.

    I'm the Lead Engineer and this is my second job ;) By far the one I put the most hourage into (probably 60 hours or more a week.) We're not sitting on yachts (yet), lol. I've become intimately familiar with 5 sq. ft. of my home over the last few months and will surely know all its secrets after a few more months.

  5. More bugs:

    - Closing the socket box on the workbench makes the game stop. When I closed the box the cursor jusr starte showing the loading loop and nothing else happened

    - Openin the tubes in the lab makes Ace's animation loop the open animation. Also Ace doesn't walk to the switch, he performs the open from the location he is like a good jedi.


    First one fixed in the developer build and I'm working on the other one. Thanks!

  6. Another bug, actually. We initially only had the door and no keycard reader interaction area. The events for the keycard reader / using the keycard are actually on the door right now instead of the keycard reader ... bug logged. You should be able to use the keycard on the door itself after you moved the last crate (in front of the door), though.

  7. We're actually aware of a lot of the bugs, but this release is more of a "let's show the backers part of what we have and get as much feedback as possible to affect future decisions and priorities". Any new bugs people happen to discover are nice to know about, however. After all, isn't any software release "bug-finding crowd-sourcing"? ;)

  8. I will be very sad if it turns out there is no way to combine objects in your inventory or is this something that happens at workbenches?


    Thanks for the feedback, Matthew! I can confirm that inventory combination is a capability right now and an intended portion of the demo. It can happen during any scene where you can access your inventory. So don't be sad!

  9. If there were more feedback during the swiping action (real-time graphic updating, for instance the airlock's first sequences rotating as you drag until it's in the right position) would that be any better for play-feedback and gameplay in general? Or would you prefer having something less on rails, like the airlock's dials having two different "security" settings and you have a little clue (maybe a vague drawing uploaded to you on Ace's PDA) for how to open it? I don't represent an agent of change, but I'm just curious.

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