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  1. Wait Sim Lite Tired of immediate gratification from your games? Wait Simulator has everything you need to draw out every ounce of fun from your device. Set it, but don't forget it! (SPOILER ALERT) That's how you lose the game. "enjoyed the '1 week' and '1 month' IAPs" - planetl0rd626 "why are there ear-piercing notifications every morning at 4 AM that i can't shut off?" - sleepeebear1984 "Definitely the best use of your life." - abelinkin "This generation's 'The Wall'." - RollingSt0n3d
  2. I had to check behind me to make sure audiodane hasn't been watching us the whole time :)
  3. A lot of the narrative is spoken by Ace (or the relevant character), so the narrative appears over his head. In the case of a narrator (or lack of any characters), it is center-screen fixed. This is something we're still feeling out in terms of design. We have a settings for message timeouts ... that has been woefully neglected during interactions setup, unfortunately. I think this will become automated in the future to ensure we get around the human factor of laziness ;)
  4. I suspect we'll be wrapping up a load of bug fixes for the demo very soon and updating the demo with those fixes. 1.) We don't currently have a baseline for performance. The requirement for profiling and hardware testing and simulation is quickly approaching, however, and we can give a better indicator of minimums then. 2.) Resolution has been an on-going battle and we're looking into solutions for that (not just for PC/Mac/Linux, but also mobile) 3.) Suggestions noted! Thanks! Thanks for the thorough list! As for the save, I think it was "Shift-S" instead of "Ctrl-S"? Try
  5. I'm the Lead Engineer and this is my second job ;) By far the one I put the most hourage into (probably 60 hours or more a week.) We're not sitting on yachts (yet), lol. I've become intimately familiar with 5 sq. ft. of my home over the last few months and will surely know all its secrets after a few more months.
  6. It has become apparent that it's not easy to tell that the last crate in the puzzle is a hindrance. I will suggest to the team that we make such obstacles more apparent in the game's feedback during interactions.
  7. That is a great suggestion. I'll run it by the management :) Thanks! Also, I've recorded all your bugs and cross-referenced with what we have already. Much appreciated.
  8. First one fixed in the developer build and I'm working on the other one. Thanks!
  9. Going to have to agree with that recommendation. I'll run it up the chain of command. Or should you? :) I don't want to step on toes. I just happen to have access to the Space Pope on speed-dial.
  10. Another bug, actually. We initially only had the door and no keycard reader interaction area. The events for the keycard reader / using the keycard are actually on the door right now instead of the keycard reader ... bug logged. You should be able to use the keycard on the door itself after you moved the last crate (in front of the door), though.
  11. We're actually aware of a lot of the bugs, but this release is more of a "let's show the backers part of what we have and get as much feedback as possible to affect future decisions and priorities". Any new bugs people happen to discover are nice to know about, however. After all, isn't any software release "bug-finding crowd-sourcing"? ;)
  12. I was aware of it, but hadn't had a chance to take a look yet :) Good job, Troels, lol.
  13. Noted and fixed (not in the current build, but the next will surely have it.) Thank you!
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