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  1. I absolutely agree that if they were able to sit back, pay the bills and make the games they wanted, that's not a bad situation at all. I just don't know how sustainable it is. We've already seen cases where the Kickstarter well has started to run dry. So I'm not sure planning on funding future games/sequels through new Kickstarters is something that could be counted on long term. I mean, I suspect some percentage of people backed expecting a copy of Space Quest, or in hopes of the support leading to another Space Quest. Some percentage of those are likely to say "The new game's alright,
  2. That's the thing, though. If the Two Guys and their backers want this to be something sustainable that can support sequels and new IPs (and possibly a return of a certain beloved IP), it HAS to grow. There will always be the Sierra faithful that are ready to put up money and do whatever else is necessary to see the return of favorite creators and cherished franchises they have fond memories of. That core can be counted on for support regardless of almost anything that may happen or any setbacks or upsets. Then there's the wider "general gamer" group that may have no idea who Sie
  3. I actually had to go back and double-check after playing through the demo/prototype/whatever, myself, just to make sure I hadn't misunderstood or misinterpreted anything. It's right there in print in previous updates as well as in the update announcing the download availability, specifically, here: With the previous comments about holding off on the demo for polishing going back to May, and the mention of showing it off to the media, I don't think it's unrealistic to have had higher expectations, particularly since Chris explicitly outlined what to expect in early June and didn'
  4. I think most of the bugs and whatnot have long since been covered, but...Just a few points, particularly in relation to this. I know the "demo" is currently "backers only" through the SVRewards site, but...As I recall, wasn't a big part of releasing a demo now that Chris Pope wanted something to show off to the media and the general public at SDCC? If so, I'm hoping that plan has been shelved, because showing this to media isn't in the best interests of the Two Guys. Unless Chris Pope is showing a substantially different version of the demo, that is. I'm also a bit perplexed by the
  5. No worries on that front. Even if it had been a snide jab, I'd take no offense. Develop an extremely thick skin working in print journalism, so.... I will say the title worked. After all, it's an interesting thought and it is somewhat of an aberration given how active things were during the Kickstarter itself and more so when you compare it to the community that other projects have built up. As I recall, I think the SVReward site has had the "community" link coming back the forums here since I first saw the place in July, so it's not completely that people don't know about i
  6. Actually, a few points that I see here. I'm one of those 10,000 or so who've largely been "lurking", at SVRewards, the project page, here and at the GfA site. The earlier posts are pretty much dead on. SpaceVenture has more or less gone "dark", so there's really not a lot to talk about. Look at the SVRewards site...I was extremely excited to get the e-mail back in July about the thing opening up, and looking forward to the project diaries and all the rest, but really...There's just not much to discuss. I know that there's a lot of planning and plotting and other preproduction
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