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  1. When everyone else is busy with God of War, I had to get this. I've been in nerdy love with… https://t.co/OVxVeQJl7g

  2. Happy S:t Patty's ;) https://t.co/lqJNrZvIHJ

  3. Goddammit!! I got into TMNT mood because of the kickstarter, and thought to make a longplay of… https://t.co/d1cNHwXVwU

  4. I know I'm slow sometimes, but here's part 2 of my Space Quest II playthrough. ;) #SpaceQuest https://t.co/KeYyy588tT

  5. I knew I had to get this when seeing the early access. Yesterday it was released, and it's a blast. ;)… https://t.co/N29nOQJ6A7

  6. RT @SpaceQuestNet: https://t.co/iJ4fNQSjld is back! We have put up an archived version of the site (with a few modifications and edits) wh…

  7. A good idea, let's have some tea. ;) #DeusEx https://t.co/VcJJwsetfa

  8. Got some neat stuff in the mail today. But most awesome was this huge flag with the cover art of… https://t.co/VeusflUwZV

  9. I scored 80% on the official @FinalFantasy quiz, kupo! Can you beat me? Take the quiz here: https://t.co/jk2zG3SeCX #FF30th

  10. Had a blast with Lola Pop at the last Party Crash! ;) https://t.co/DzZHeHuOez #ARMS https://t.co/xhfnRihRM1

  11. @SpaceQuestNet @BrandonBlume @SQHistorian When I've received my salary I'll be more than happy to help. :)

  12. A nice little sparkler by the champagne glass escalated a little. ;) https://t.co/ap23awy74f

  13. I wish we had winter nights like this now. Maybe more luck around New Years Eve. ;) #SuperMarioOdyssey… https://t.co/fIHmNWMqPL

  14. Too bad I have to go to bed now. This looks to become some exciting times. ;) #SuperMarioOdyssey #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/jV1jq3ktYy

  15. I know I had to try Xenoblade Chronicles before part 2 arrives, and I'm very glad I did! ;) https://t.co/6XkdXOAFOx