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  1. Sweet! As I said on twitter the other day, I was really late with listening to these, but now I've heard them all, just in time for the next season ;) I've really liked the episodes, learned lots of awesome things along the way. Big thanks from Sweden ;)
  2. Sure, I play as a fighter/paladin right now, and I will most certainly start right over as a thief when I'm finished with Dragon Fire :)
  3. Right now, I'm playing through the Quest for Glory series for the first time. I wish I have started those game earlier, they are freaking great! :lol: Other than that I play a lot of Sierra and other Quests and various RPGs on the computer. A lot of Playstation 3, Metal Gear the most, but also Red Dead Redemption, Elder scrolls and Fallout. Some good old NES and SNES and Mega Drive (Genesis).
  4. Hi all! My name is Jonny, and I'm from a small town in Sweden called Ljungby. I have been here before with the alias Hiddenite, but now I'm here through my twitter account @GuyfrAndromeda. I'm a 30+ gamer, plays almost anything but good old dos/pc games and particularly Sierra games are my favourite. Space Quest was amongst the first games I tried on computer and they're the first games to be installed on any computer I have. Besides just playing games I occasionally upload game videos to Youtube, mostly connected to my beloved MT-32. GuyFromAndromeda is my alias there if you'd like to s
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