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  1. It'll be interesting to see where it goes from here (if anywhere)...
  2. LSL1R's success really depends on who you ask... Most of its reviews haven't been overly kind, and it's sitting at an average of about 50%. If you'd ask Paul Trowe I'm sure he'd tell you they're running out of room to park the trucks full of money: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/202000/REPLAY_GAMES_GIVES_UP_ALLOWS_RETAILERS_TO_SELL_LEISURE_SUITLARRY_RELOADED.php Based on Al Lowe's comments here though it doesn't sound like it was an incredibly rousing success thus far: http://www.polygon.com/2013/8/22/4647432/leisure-suit-larry-series-continues-with-free-to-play-poker-game
  3. I could be mistaken, but I get the impression LSL Casino will be more or a straight port of the original rather than a full-blown remake. Mind you there is very limited information available about it currently... Remakes are tricky. On one hand you already the plot, puzzles, characters, locations, etc. You *could* just do a straight makeover, but standards have changed in the past 25 years. A higher resolution alone won't wow anyone. On the surface LSL1R is very close to the original... Now try using every icon and/or item on everything you encounter in every scene (including the "filler" background artwork). More than anything I was impressed by the sheer volume of comedic responses. Sadly most gamers today merely skim the surface, so all the extra effort is lost on them. Even when done right too many people dismiss remakes in favor of anything new (regardless of quality). Something like Casino is far more recent and should be fairly cheap and quick to port to iOS. At a (presumably) lower price point it would likely end up being more profitable than LSL1R. That's the saddest part about the game industry... A game like Madden just needs updated stats and one new feature (that was previously available during the last console generation and then cut). Call of Duty just needs a new sub-title or a higher number attached to the old one. Any 'Ville' game just needs to exist. Adventures & RPGs however require significantly more effort and their sales are often embarrassingly low in comparison :(
  4. I'd like to say all of this comes as a shock, but honestly the only real shock is how long it actually took... I'm personally not concerned in the least about SpaceVenture. I have faith in the team and I look forward to a fantastic game - whenever it happens to be ready. What I *AM* concerned about is the backlash received by the dedicated supporters who had the 'audacity' to politely ask Paul to not publicly berate the team in a public forum. I’m sure karma will eventually sort it all out. His uppance will come <insert Larry pun here>. In the meantime, kudos to everyone who spoke out against him. As for Josh, I had the chance to talk to him back in July and even at that point he mentioned that he wouldn’t be involved in LSL2R (should it ever come to pass - which I seriously doubt will ever happen now). Reloaded was a labor of love for him and I think he did a fantastic job staying true to the game’s spirit. Even during the Kickstarter though he told Al and Paul that it wasn’t his intention to spend years merely revisiting previous games. He didn’t specifically mention leaving Replay at the time, but it doesn’t surprise me too much either. In my personal opinion (that I’m sure most of you share), Josh is an incredibly talented designer. Sadly his name often gets tacked on as an afterthought since he never had his own ‘headliner’ series back at Sierra. He definitely deserves more props than he typically gets though. It saddens me that Paul will probably get most of the spotlight on this project - not for reviving a legacy, but for being a professional jerk. Meanwhile the talented and dedicated people who actually deserve it are cast in the shadows. So a great big thank you to Josh, Al, all the dedicated fans & supporters, Replay Games, N-Fusion, and anyone else I forgot to mention who isn’t named Paul Trowe.
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