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  1. I disagree, I truly think she was just writing a light-heartened opinion piece. Sure, it might be a little insulting to Crowe and Murphy but I do think she was trying to be sweet and nostalgic about a series she played (and clearly loved) as a kid. I don't think she is saying Space Venture is an action game, I think that point was ironic (not absurd) because so many of the big games coming out end up being in that genre. What does Yahtzee call it? Not God of War but... I don't know, I liked it.
  2. "Many of my childhood memories are virtual. I spent my days exploring the kingdom of Daventry, playing Astro Chicken at Monolith Burger and trying not to buy any “fine leather jackets.” Once a year I would upwrap something special from Sierra and then spend my weekends at Incredible Connection (I didn’t even have dial-up back then) studying gaming forums and HTML walkthroughs, trying to figure out how to finally get rid of Sludge Vohaul, free Cassima from the clutches of Mordack and ultimately unite my VGA families with their happy endings. Read more here.
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