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  1. About that v1.0 saved games there, which you refer from Sierra Help, I can't open the website. My browser says error 403: Forbidden, you don't have permission to access it, that's why I tried using the saved games from Space Quest Net (but fail because they're from different version than mine). About SQ 6 v1.11, from where did you get it?
  2. It's a shame they couldn't perfected the SQ 6 due to managerial problems, otherwise it could've been much-much better. Reading the background history of the game from Space Quest Net's fun facts really "tickles" me, especially the part where Scott missed inserting hints that Josh intended in Stellar's stomach. Yes, if Roger get the gall bladder first, then he can't pick up the small gallstone (which will be used to throw at two nanite robots later in the game). For the record, I tried using saved games from Space Quest Net, but it doesn't work since they are for v1.1 while mine is v1.0. I wonder if there's any difference in those versions.
  3. Yup, ain't it cool? After playing it for the third time, whenever there was a long cut-scene I left it to make a coffee or grab a snack before resuming the game. :P
  4. I've just finished re-playing Space Quest 6 a couple days ago, I was playing the v1.0 English version, it's been more than 16 years since the last time I played it so it was a real blast to be able to play it once more. But when Roger is in Stellar's stomach, I encountered two bugs of the game (spoiler allert): If I forgot to pull the pill and drop it to Stellar's esophagus before tickling her throat, then there's no way to undo it. Roger will no longer be able to do anything to the pill afterwards, I had to restart playing the game because of this. If I get the gall bladder first before the pancreatic fluid, then Roger will not be able to get the gallstone. Again, I had to restart the game. I should have used two save games instead of just one, got to learn it the painful way. I hope this will help anyone who's going to play the SQ 6, or for those who is currently playing the game and got stuck because of those two bugs. I wonder if this also happen in the other SQ 6 versions?
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