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  1. https://t.co/yTBYk7QOVk https://t.co/yTBYk7QOVk

  2. https://t.co/vuMcm1IoOW

  3. Why are people trained how to work 'so well' here?! On another note, resets aren't 'that difficult' with 3 people. Blahhh

  4. https://t.co/RBgBYkuaEi

  5. https://t.co/BRQBJreLE8

  6. 6 days until the number 4 invasion. Hahaha

  7. https://t.co/hp4acBLKTS

  8. https://t.co/EcVHzs8lHc https://t.co/8xukKrnf4I

  9. https://t.co/vT2oWjo14f https://t.co/JSyQZQ6GNh

  10. Here comes everybody for that V word marketing hype.... (!!!!) Ha

  11. https://t.co/C84LjP5pWe

  12. https://t.co/CXLkDcmlss

  13. This ones just too funky!!! That Synth! https://t.co/2UW9xMS6o4 https://t.co/I1k7lVC0x5

  14. https://t.co/crBixeOZ1w

  15. RT @LaughingSquid: A One-Minute Animated Recap of Breaking Bad Celebrating the Show's Tenth Anniversary https://t.co/n5AJVx21x7 https://t.c…

  16. Because there was definitely no Obama hating going on the last 8 years..... Confusion much? Had enough, eh?!... https://t.co/LNR9rQ76Ax

  17. https://t.co/9Dn8iHwwJ3

  18. https://t.co/fdzlAqh40h

  19. Steve Martin, Bill Murray, John Candy, Rick Moranis?! — watching Little Shop of Horrors

  20. https://t.co/oP10ihB0Uv

  21. https://t.co/jDNqLaYQHG

  22. Why?!!!!!!! Just in case you haven't watched it, stay out of the comments. Waiting on that next episode. — watching Halt and Catch Fire

  23. Very enjoyable. Go see it! Beep beep georgie!! Actor must have been really hoarse after each day of filming. — watching IT Movie

  24. https://t.co/Q5zem51inL

  25. https://t.co/BZ0IMn6WNE