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  1. Name: Random Weather Forecast Generator Description: How's the weather gonna be like tomorrow? Who cares! They'll be wrong anyway. After thousands of years of science development and technology, man has yet to master the art of weather prediction. Why take the time and effort to check the weather news when all you get is frustration and disappointment? Do yourself a favor and do it like the pros, take a guess and stick with it! If you guessed wrong, you could still blame it on El Nino. Reviews: NicePillows69: Hi! I kinda used your kinda weather forecast generator and it was kinda right sometimes! ZeRealElNino: Hey you! Do not use ze name of El Nino. There is only one El Nino. I AM ze REAL El Nino. Nice app though.
  2. Sir, is there any way you could reconsider the requirements for this contest? I think quite a few of us have great ideas, but no talent in Adobe Illustrator to create the logo. I am confident you would get more participation if it wasn't required to make a logo. How about a hand-made sketch?
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