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  1. If you are interested in additional angles or slightly higher resolution images of this building/area, refer to my notes at the bottom of this link... https://voidstar.blog/san-francisco-california-2021/ My original are about 6000x3036 resolution. The "two guys" forum host at 1200x607, while WordPress is resizing it to 2000x1012 (I understand these forums need to conserve bandwidth, and appreciate that they adjust to reasonable sizes for bandwidth reasons - that's the part that makes building these kinds of forums a bit tricky, detecting a users mobile vs hardline connection and on
  2. By unique circumstances, I ended up staying in Oakhurst just last night (after a long day of touring Yosemite). I've been a Sierra adventure game fan since the mid-1980s, so this was quite a treat for me personally (especially having recently finished Ken's book released late last year). This felt to me like some kind of pilgrimage to sacred grounds of the legend of Sierra. My visit was entirely impromptu. We had only 4 hours to get to SF International Airport (from Oakhurst). Sunrise was at 6:10am. Long story short, all this meant I had only 45 minutes to pay my respects. How
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