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  1. Harquimm

    Roger Sighting

    The other day i was watching one of my favorite TV shows, Good Game on the ABC2 (Australia) and was happily supprised when I saw Roger walking around the offices of SQ3 flash on the screen. For those who are interested you can see the footage at http://www.abc.net.au/tv/goodgame/stories/s4079449.htm However be warned he is only visible for a second or two. If you dont want watch the whole think he is @ 0:56
  2. Just wondering if anyone else had seen this review http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/01/19/space-quest-roger-wilco-not-over-and-out/
  3. Harquimm

    Space Quest in Minecraft

    ooooo looking forward to it. btw from the look of the website it looks awesome
  4. Harquimm

    Space Quest in Minecraft

    Hey all long time no chat. Just wondering if minecraft.guysfromandromeda.com is still up and running. Ive tried to login and cant seem to connect.
  5. Harquimm

    Space Quest Lego UPDATE : Galaxy Galleria

    Took me a minute or two to figure out the perspective but job well done. :y:
  6. Harquimm

    Space Quest Lego UPDATE : Galaxy Galleria

    ooo ooo roger getting put through the meat grinder at the start of sq3
  7. Harquimm

    Least Favorite Space Quest

    For me this would have to be SQ6. Dont get me wrong I still enjoy playing all the SQ games (including sq6) but at times there seemed to be a lack of continuity and or cohesion.
  8. Harquimm

    Claymation Guy

    A friend recently pointed me to a cool site for making avatars and I couldnt help trying to make one for guess who..
  9. We should get a large number of us organized together to arrive at frezno on the same day and hire a BIG bus splitting the cost. (hiring a car wold cost $500 eeeeew) And if we were able to say to a place of accomodation we have xx number of people interested instaying they may be able to offer a package deal.
  10. ok call me a noob but i havent travelled overseas and thought i should include at least 3 days on either side of the convention for recovery and mabey a bit of sight seeing.
  11. Any australian fans considering going? I really want to go but its gunna cost a bundle. To stay for roughly 14 days + airfair (38hr economy) + car hire + food + BLAH BLAH BLAH im lookin at rougly 6k :blink: not to mention the cost of the convention itself. I would be seriously interested in trying to organise with some other fans for things like share accomodation etc... PLZ
  12. Harquimm

    Space Quest on Android

    Just got myself a samsung galaxy note 10.1 and have been running all the Sq series fine. Takes a bit to get use to but i will be using it to play sq on my flight to sierra con.
  13. Harquimm


    Outstanding! Well done.
  14. Harquimm

    Space Quest 2 VGA remake

    Hey all, I dont usually tweet, blog, facebook or generally voice my opinion in public. Personally I prefer privacy, anonymity and as a result dont take up to much webspace. However I felt a need to give some sort of review as you all deserve credit for what you have achieved. So I put a journal entry on my deviant art page. http://fav.me/d4l9h3j Kudos to the IA team. Awesome game.