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  1. Hey Bountice, France rocks! Where do you live? Alistair, dude! How's married life treating you? Talk to you later!
  2. Heyhey, My nick is DanToo Dee or before that Dee. Currently 34 years old, married and expecting a child this December (which will not have any SQ-related names, but my wife is called Beatriz). Been into Sierra and mainly SQ for about 25 years now, and been quite active in the SQ community for some time. I contributed to the SQ.Net website when I befriended Frans, and revamped SQFanG. I was also a part of the SQ7.org development team, composing the soundtrack for the sadly abandoned game. I think about 12 years ago after finishing my favourite (SQ3) was the day I stumbled into th
  3. Sigh... And how much older is everybody now? And what happened to everybody? Ah, the nostalgia.
  4. Thanks. How are things? Couldn't we donate all things SQ7-ish to the Two Guys and let them remove all references to Space Quest. Then you have an almost finished SpaceVenture. Cheers, -Danny!
  5. This makes me feel so nostalgic. Great! :) Such a shame SQ7.org never saw the light of day as a finished product, but this is great also. Thanks, -Danny!
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