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  1. Thanks Brandon! I appreciate you pointing that out for me. Just user error on my end! :P
  2. Hello all! Long time no post. I've recently been working on a personal project that would involve recreating a "room" from SQ2. I would need to get some in game assets to do the recreation. Specifically, art assets (character animations, room background, etc.), words and phrases from the engines player dictionary, and general and room specific narrator dialogue/text. I've looked into using AGI studio, but it appears I would only be able to get the character animations and player words/phrases. Perhaps I'm missing functionality within the program to get the rest? (Room background, narrator dia
  3. MusicallyInspired... I haven't seen that name in forever! I hope that's a good *slow clap*! :)
  4. Hey everyone! Long time no post! :P Just thought you all might enjoy my new dual wallpaper, thanks to the awesome guys over at http://www.sierrawallpaper.com, and the helpful retweet from @decafjedi. While I'm thinking of it, would any of you be interested in a gallery of some Space Quest 6 box shots? It's only 9 pictures, but I'd love to share, even though I'm sure all of you have seen the SQ6 box in and outside thousands of times already! :) EDIT: On a side note, does anyone know how I can change it to show posts by my display name of Tiny (Which I've had since 2006) ins
  5. Hey pcj! I actually haven't sent in any $15 payment yet. What I'm trying to find out at the moment is how do I make sure any payment is tied to my original purchase? Is it just tied to my credit card?
  6. Hello everyone. Long time no post! (Good few years maybe? :P) I pledged for the $150 reward for the TGSA Kick Starter project, but since I live in Canada, I was just wondering what steps I need to take to ensure everything is all good so I will receive my reward! I did notice the following on the Kickstarter page: I'm just wondering how I ensure my $15 payment is tied to my original reward order, and if it's to late to get that all squared away. Will Chris and the guys just know based on my credit card #, or would there be another step I'd need to take to ensure everythi
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