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  1. Haven't seen this posted here yet, but hopefully interesting to you all. As is fashionable these days, Jane Jensen recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, you can see it here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1005365109/jane-jensens-pinkerton-road-2012-2013-csg Overall, I'm pretty excited, and I'm hoping for some more great games from her! It seemed like she had a lot of trouble getting Gray Matter pushed out the door, and then it still seemed a bit low on production value. Gabriel Knight isn't on the table, but her next game, Moebius, sounds pretty interesting. They've only been up a few days and seem to be trending well funding-wise, but as with any Kickstarter, they sure can use your help!
  2. I'm currently in the midst of Dark Souls! It is such a punishing, yet rewarding experience when you actually overcome the challenges ahead of you. Additionally, the amount of exploration/discovery fun to be had is huge, mostly because the game world is sometimes so inexplicable that you actually feel like you are exploring some incredible foreign land. I also recently finished L.A. Noire - not exactly an adventure game, but similar in a lot of ways. The game is pretty slow in its build up, but it ends up painting an interesting picture of the whole "good cop trying to beat the system" idea. The soundtrack is amazing too. I'd highly recommend it to adventure fans who don't mind a bit of police procedural sprinkled in.
  3. I have to admit with embarrassment that I've never played the Indiana Jones games (it's on my list!), but if that is your original artwork for the game, I'd say you are off to a very good start - it's exactly the "old adventure" style I'd expect. I'm not much with art, so I can't help you there. But looks great so far!
  4. In case my vote counts, I'd greatly recommend Wintermute over AGS. I started my project with AGS, but found it lacking in many areas, and eventually unworkable. But honestly, after using Wintermute a bit, I can only think that AGS is more popular because it's more user-friendly. I've found that the level of abstraction used by WM in ALL areas of the game make it extremely workable for any situation. For example, a room in WM is not strictly identifiable as a room...it's really just a collection of overlaid graphics. But this level of ambiguity really lets you get away with a lot. That's enough propaganda, though. It's good to see that there's still interest in fan games, and what you've got so far looks great (I especially find the parser update to the GUI to be quite a natural extension of the original). I'd advise you, though, to understand that this game will probably take you a year or more to make. Don't skimp on the story and puzzles, always second guess your design decisions, and ask friends for their opinions. KNOW that your puzzles, story, and dialog are up to par before you put huge amounts of time into them. And maintain a professional attitude. :D
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