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  1. So what's the latest on an estimated release date for Space Venture? Is there any? :)
  2. We've been making some progress on the game! In the first thread, I've posted some updated work in progress screenshots.
  3. Thanks for answering my question. Hopefully, Space Venture does well, and we can see Space Quest 7 at long last!
  4. Ok, this question has probaly been asked before - so don't yell at me for asking it. Are the Two Guys doing Space Venture instead of Space Quest 7 becuase they can't get the rights for actual Space Quest name, characters, etc - or are there other reasons?
  5. What else can I say but - This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  6. Binary Legends Presents... Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold is a fan-made Indiana Jones point and click adventure. The game will be done in the classic Fate of Atlantis style. The game is under development right now. It is being made with Adventure Game Studio. Indy's classroom Outside of Barnett College Story The year is 1940. The world is in turmoil as the Second World War engulfs it. Hitler's Nazi forces are rapidly marching across Europe, and the forces of Imperial Japan are sweeping across the Pacific.
  7. It is going to be released tomorrow!!! :)
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