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  1. MusicallyInspired, I just sent some scans over to HCH of my boxes of SQ1VGA, IV, V, and VI, hopefully they'll serve his purposes and we will have some nice quality poster size images from them. I'm waiting to hear back from him to see if they met his qualifications or not...
  2. pcj, Everyone seems to rave about snapfish... though from past experince it seems a lot of the online places seem to give you a lot better service if you're a business seeking to print a lot of things with them, one or two things for a individual... not so much.
  3. Hey HCH, sorry it took so long, anyway, here is a gallery on minus.com of IV, V and 6 as requested. I did some minor corrections on the boxes, mostly on IV, removing scratches and such, though many still remain... I had to do so with a online version of photoshop as I currently am away from my home computer so I couldn't do too much work on them. If these are too small I can see about changing my scanner settings to scan them at a higher res. Let me know. Great work on SQ3 btw! oh and on SQIV I left the "255 colour version" sticker on there, I thought it was an interesting footn
  4. I'l work on getting IV, V and 6 to you soon then... minus.com is a good host btw.
  5. I some boxes in good condition, some still in the plastic even, the other's I'd have to clean up. I'l work on scanning them and uploading them to here if you all are sitll looking. edit, here is one of SQ3 for now, I'll have to work on the rest later when I get a chance.
  6. Hey Frans, long time no talk... Not sure if you'll even remember me... I must confess I've been lurking in here every now and then since the announcement of the two guy's getting back together... and wasn't entirely sure what to contribute and I feel bad that this is the first post that got me out of lurking! Anyway, selling off your SQ Col eh? Had I any money I'd bid on your comics, :/ Of course I'll have to keep lurking and see if you put an SQ1 Blackbox up for sale, not that I will have any money to bid on it, but who knows... :) Though it's cool to see the comminity alive again m
  7. Both fair and good points, though I thought it's a nice option for OS X users who do not want to do much modifying or configuring of DOS as it does most of the heavy work for you and makes it very easy to drop and play. Though indeed, if you want real compatibility with DOS an official DOSBox port would be the way to go; the more options the better anyway.
  8. Hey all, a long time no see to most of the regulars I remember from times past; I'm sort of back after a long hiatus and thanks to Musiscallyinspired with some assistance I am finally back. Also a hello to see the new users, a belated welcome to the forum and all that from an old former regular I guess, heh. Anyway, on to the topic at hand. Now as many of you know there are ways of getting Space Quest and by extension other Dos games to work on Mac. Thanks to ScummVM we can even play the first 5 SQ games and many other games quite easily even, however we can now play even more DOS game
  9. original skullfighter SQ3 an "astroskull" ? not quite the skull fighters, but kind of interesting they used the same colours; and its a spaceship shaped like a skull... heh, I think i'll have to get some my legos together and build me a genuine one one of these days... more shots of this guy's astro skulls at http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/lofiver ... 18824.html This however, saddens me, (because I someone's gone and already done the Mallard for real before me ) but it is also very cool, I don't remember the front having two seats tho? more shots
  10. great job on this! heh, two great loves of mine you've combined here, lego and SQ, SQ3 even ! It'd be awesome to see the Mallard or the Skull Fighters in lego... hrm... or even an entire SQ game in lego... sorry, getting carried away here..
  11. Hey, just a note for everyone who is looking to get the Space Quest or King's Quest Collection, it's on sale now on steam for $4.99 USD! A great price for these games and a very easy way of getting them legally, also they've got a lot of other Adventure games such as the Lucas Arts Adventure pack for $2.49 which includes Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Fate of Atlantis, The Dig, and Loom.... Check it out, I think the sale is on till 3, Jan 2010....
  12. Hm... I ran into this problem, I don't recall ever finding a solution to it... however... these forums may help you OmniKnight... http://68kmla.net/forums/ Edit: Side note though not helpful for running them on an old Mac, but you should be able to run SQ1 and SQ2 on a new Mac with Scummvm unless there is a 68k version of it...
  13. Screenshots, where? Invisible ones it seems...
  14. hmm, Setsubun... early in February... I think so too Justas.. and long time since I've seen your name in these parts...
  15. Screenshots? **eyes widen a little** Well this is good news, and its own new thread too even... heh. Nice modding... was getting kinda crazy there... Though it was nice to see a very active thread, despite not being very active in myself. But I'll continue to wait and see, the weekends almost up tho... heh, nice to just see some posts from the original poster again that is positive enough... kinda; one can but wait and hope...
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