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  1. http://www.digitallydownloaded.net/2012/07/activision-blizzard-is-up-for-sale.html?m=1 Not sure what this all means, but apparently Vivendi is going to get rid of 61% stake in Activision Blizzard. Would this effect anything to do with IP?
  2. Arcade sequences are a must in my opinion! They just make the game that much more fleshed out and interesting. It's good to mix it up a bit now and again for a change! :)
  3. Honestly, and this is just my opinion, I believe no matter what happens we are both going to have some great and wonderful games (on both sides!). Whether or not "The Two Guys" join up with Replay Games Inc. or not, I am absolutely excited to see some creativity on both parties!!! Truthfully, I would love to see a Sierra 2.0 (I mean who wouldn't??) ;) , but no matter what it's a great time be a die-hard adventure gamer! B)
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