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  1. Yeah, I only realized a while ago, didn't want to go around un-mopping mistakes I made ;) Maybe if you get a chance you can pass it along.
  2. Well, the humor was certainly important. And the graphics too, they were nice. But a really important thing was being able to type things into a *machine* and (for a 8-9 year old kid) this computer *understands* you. Albeit it especially understands all the cuss words you know. Most important though, was that we did this as a *group* of 8 year olds, talking to each other about what we were going to type in next into the system. We went to my friend's house to play it. I would have tried to do it all myself, but my dad refused to buy me a computer till I was sixteen (six years later). H
  3. So psyched that you guys are publishing on Linux (and other formats). Curious how you plan to accomplish such a thing. Is it just that the game does not require the 'magic' provided by DirectX, or are there other details? Just wondering how you're approaching building this game in terms of tools/libraries/etc.
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