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Sierra oakhurst location


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As already mentioned in this thread, there are several buildings in Oakhurst at which Online Systems / Sierra On-Line were based in. The wikipedia page for "Sierra Entertainment" has a photo of the original office space at the back of and above Ponderosa Printing. Apparently that was the first office space that Sierra used after Ken & Roberta moved the company out of their house in Coarsegold and started taking on employees.





I'm surprised that this next one below hasn't been listed yet in this thread, but there is another office location that Sierra moved their HQ to after the Ponderosa Printing building. It was on Golden Oak Drive. I think they outgrew the Ponderosa Printing office space fairly quickly.

49269 Golden Oak Drive

This building was apparently where Admin, Customer Support, and Duplication was based, and at one point there was a room of programmers there as well. If you Google this address, you'll find a couple of Google Books results from 1983 and 1984 that give this address for Sierra On-Line, but I've been told that Sierra were already in there in 1982 and possibly 1981 as well. Hard to get an exact date. The building still exists and until recently was being used as a Children's Museum.



Apparently Sierra kept leasing the Ponderosa Printing office space during that time but kept it as a programming only office. Many of the programming employees were based there.



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