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SQ 4 Installer with Update


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I am attempting to run SQ4 from my old SQ Collection with one of the installers found on sierrahelp. I have also applied the patch found here: http://www.spacequest.net/archives/downloads/mpc12.zip which contains timer fixes and other mods that I am sure you are familiar with. This is the 1994 Collectors Edition. The game appears to be just fine without the patch. Once I apply the patch I receive an error. The error that I receive is at startup:



You did something that we weren't expecting ...

Error 4. SCI Version 1.001.064. "



I am tempted to try ScummVM as it appears to have better sound right out of the box but DosBox has always worked for well for me.



Is this the right place to ask for help and if not do you know where I might find it? Any tips on improving the sound to match that of ScummVM?



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The installer already includes all of the applicable patches. That patch should probably be removed as it contains most of the game data from the floppy version and is of questionable legality. It should not be used with the installer. By doing so, you are mixing two different games together.

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