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Did you pledge more than $2500 for the Kickstarter, if so, get a (almost) free SQ4 box art poster ;)


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Posting this more widely -


Right, so here's the thing.

The poster that they used to make the box art for SQ4 is on eBay, and will be for the next hour.

The money that is spent on it will be re-invested back into the TGA kickstarter, in YOUR name.


That means if you win, you get the poster AND the prizes from the kickstarter.

Which means, if you had bid more than $2500 (the current price), you could currently go over to eBay, bid the same amount, and win the poster as a free gift.





On the one hand, if you win, you'll get an awesome poster, AND get the kickstarter prize.

If you lose, you drive up the price for whomever wins, and they end up paying more.



Consider this scenerio-

They guy who's winning the auction on the poster might have bid $12,000.

You were willing to pay $5000 for the Kickstarter, because, aparently, you're rich.


You go bid the same 5000 on the eBay poster - If you won somehow, you get the poster, and you can feel free to lower your KS pledge by the $5K.

If you lose, you just drove that OTHER guy to increase his pledge up to $5K, so he now accidentily donates an extra $2.5K to the KS, and you're out nothing.



If you pledged over $2500 (as of right now), you have very little to lose by doing this, and it can make money for TGA, and possible get a nearly free poster

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