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  1. It's all good- I think we agree, it's just a matter of personal preference. I didn't know if you had kept the unsharpened versions, or if you were insterested in releasing the PSDs you worked with, but I'll play with them if you do. Were there any other scans you still needed? Thanks again, CPD
  2. Thank you very much for working on these, I'm really excited to deck my house in SQ art. One thing you might want to consider is if you're losing detail in the way you're doing the blurring, to remove the halftoning - For example, if you zoom in on the poster, to look at the woman who's working at M-burger, the wording gets somewhat harder to read in your version. Sadly, some detail is going to be lost in any cleanup, but perhaps a gentle Median blur might leave it a bit more intact? Or even just leaving it unblurred... Admittedly it's a judgement call, but I had wanted to bri
  3. For the SQ4 one, if anyone knows who bought http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemNext&item=190688752212&autorefresh=true, that'd be the best quality ;)
  4. If no one else beats me to it, I can some more scans of the rest of the boxes later this week. Colin "Looking forward to hanging these" Davis
  5. I still think this would be a fun project. I have the LucasArts posters up in my office, and I'd love to have the SQ ones as well (My first love!) I'm re-uploading the PDFs I had made - I generated them in as high DPI as I was able at the time (~ a year ago?). I had talked with a few people offline before I posted here. They're 1.1G each, which is about the largest size I was able to handle. I don't have a great scanner myself, so I had gone to a shop downtown to have them scanned. If someone who had nicer boxes wanted to scan them, that'd still be better. ;) If these won't
  6. The owners of the franchises have been consistantly inconsistant. IIRC, KQ9 was offered the same deal we were, but they said yes- But then their deal was revoked when Activision took over VU. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Silver_Lining_%28video_game%29#Delays_and_legal_issues Colin "The whole thing is a mess" Davis
  7. Nicely done, glad to see this finally published! Great job stitching my incoherent ramblings together into something that's not as boring as it could have been ;)
  8. A few months ago (wow. Longer, when I really think about it), I had thought it would be fun to print up poster-size box art for SQ, the way I have Monkey Island setup in my office. The Scans that Frans has up on SQ.net are great, but really low-res. I made up some of my own from my boxes, but they're no where near first editions, and have scratches, stickers, and the like. You're welcome to my copies if you want (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6zay8n4q9a3mi4k/fhrHcim_2T), but if anyone had a nice scanner and better boxes, I'd love to see them. I had asked someone to try cleaning t
  9. Posted more stuffs. We're reconstructing a number of nearly lost work to get back to you; It's nice to share so much after keeping it secret so long. ;)
  10. Now, we use the news that it's hit the goal to do another round of press, and raise even more! ;)
  11. Poster link, for the lazy. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemNext&item=190688752212&autorefresh=true
  12. Posting this more widely - Right, so here's the thing. The poster that they used to make the box art for SQ4 is on eBay, and will be for the next hour. The money that is spent on it will be re-invested back into the TGA kickstarter, in YOUR name. That means if you win, you get the poster AND the prizes from the kickstarter. Which means, if you had bid more than $2500 (the current price), you could currently go over to eBay, bid the same amount, and win the poster as a free gift. W00t!. On the one hand, if you win, you'll get an awesome poster, AND get the kickstarter priz
  13. As part of the KS fundraising, Mark and Scott did a interview- It was mostly just Audio, but there were some 2d artwork inserts. Mark was a bit ill with Space Flu, and Chris's mike didn't work, but it was a really great interview. I hope to see more. http://bit.ly/K1THTO
  14. One of the more interesting things from this, is the Bea image- That's different from both the released Bea image, as well as the SQ5 Beatrice. Also- I want that Patch! ;)
  15. Some of these we've seen, some of these are new.
  16. ...And... They just confirmed the Reddit AMA will be happening. Good Call! ;)
  17. Just in case anyone else tries this, they rejected my ad for linking to TGAkick.com, since that redirects. They insist that you link to the final site.
  18. I've setup a campaign, sending people to TGAkick. Don't bid against me, or click the ads ;)
  19. It's hard to prove, but I don't think so they're meaningless at all! To your point about kictraq, if we pull up the Al Lowe kicktraq- http://www.kicktraq....arry-come-again The day he did the reddit AMA (the 14th) had nearly 2x the donors of the day before. It raised thousands of dollars (win), but even better, it added people to the kickstarter page, which improves engagement and they can up their pledges over time. Further, let's look at Tim's secondary effects-- https://www.google.c...w=1871&bih=1070 That's nearly 60K google results discussing the AMA!
  20. Tim Schafer, Al Lowe, and Jane Jensen each did a Reddit "Ask Me Anything", which is a sort of community interview. Will the Two Guys be doing this? It's a great way to build publicity for the Kickstarter. I would suggest you PM the Mods of the AMA subreddit today, and say that the two guys will be answering questions (with help from Chris Pope) Thursday or Friday afternoon. I'm happy to do anything I can to help, if your not familiar with Reddit. These are the examples- Study these to get examples of the questions you might be asked ;) http://ww.reddit.com/r/I
  21. I think this engine shows promise. We're already seeing transparancy, Panning on a large image, animation, click events, pathfinding, and walkable/unwalkable areas. The animation seemed to lag a bit behind the controls, both in FF and Chrome, but I think that's an implementation issue. The biggest remaining features, I think, are * Y-scaling, so Roger gets bigger/smaller as he moves toward/away from the screen. * Sound (Hard, HTML5 hasn't a well supported sound API. Flashfallback until browsers catch up works) * Embedding other media. Luckily HTML is *good* at this. * Progressive down
  22. Actually, this is a fun interesting exercise. A lot of the files for SQ7 are pretty hidden. ;) The last time I touched these was 4-5 years, and several computers ago, but I think I still have all the important ones. Ironically, the fact that we pulled/archived a lot of it to send to VU makes it easier to publish, even without their involvement.
  23. Sure, I had seen his blog at http://martinkool.com/post/22706224644/how-i-brought-html5-to-the-space-quest-creators-kickstar, but I was hoping they might consider using the HTML5 solution for the actual game, not just the demos. It think it's the ultimate future for this sort of thing- Wrappers can be made for every machine if necessary, and it's a fast, powerful, and already deployed virtual machine. I'd strongly recommend it, anyway ;)
  24. I'm curious- You're doing these demos in HTML5. Are you doing the actual game that way as well? That seems like a brilliant move, if so. Easy to go Cross-Platform. I'd love to hear more about what engine/etc you're using.
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