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I'm selling my collection!


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Hi guys,


I'm planning to sell my entire Space Quest collection on Ebay in the next couple of days. Please keep an eye on this post for some interesting, ultra rare and impossible to find Space Quest items. Additional items will be listed only if I get enough bids on the current ones. So please get the word out for me. Many thanks and reply to this post if you have any questions or requests.


Listed so far (more will be added soon)


Sierra Dynamix 1991 VHS demo tape.



All three comic books "The Adventures of Roger Wilco" MINT condition



Space Quest 7 concept art (The Plant) by Richard Powell



Space Quest 7 concept art (Cafe Customers) by Richard Powell


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Hey Frans, long time no talk... Not sure if you'll even remember me... I must confess I've been lurking in here every now and then since the announcement of the two guy's getting back together... and wasn't entirely sure what to contribute and I feel bad that this is the first post that got me out of lurking!


Anyway, selling off your SQ Col eh? Had I any money I'd bid on your comics, :/ Of course I'll have to keep lurking and see if you put an SQ1 Blackbox up for sale, not that I will have any money to bid on it, but who knows... :)


Though it's cool to see the comminity alive again more or less, even if the old users like myself don't contribute much any more...

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Hey guys, a few more items are going up today. I'm starting with easy selling SQ Collections first:


Space Quest 15th Sierra Anniversary Edition, mint box and content:



Space Quest Collection Series (small box):



Space Quest Collection Series (big box with additional extra's):


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