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Frequently Asked Questions about SpaceVenture


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Here are some frequently asked questions, and their answers, regarding the SpaceVenture project. Answers provided are collected from published announcements on Kickstarter or elsewhere. A lot of the answers come from the January 1, 2015 update.
Q: When is the game coming out?
When it's done. The current ETA is sometime during this year. Update on ETA will be provided once available.


Q: Is the SpaceVenture team broke?

Nope, still not broke and they are doing just fine in that department. Money is set aside to pay voice actors, artists, etc., as well as reward fulfillment once the time comes.


Q: How far along is the game?

The second third of the game is mostly up and running and the team is moving along with the final third of the game.


Q: Is the project moving faster than it was?

Yes. Most of the core engine programming is in place making implementing new scenes a lot quicker and simpler. So, programming is no longer holding up the project as much - most of the delay is in the creative aspects: art, design, etc, which is difficult to rush.


Q: When will the Kickstarter rewards ship?

The rewards will ship around the time that the game ships.


Q: My address has changed since I pledged to this project. How do I let the team know for rewards shipping purposes?

Info on that will be sent out when the time comes to ship rewards.


More questions and answers will be added as they are encountered.

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