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  1. Although Space Quest 3 was my first adventure game, I picked up a copy of Hero’s Quest later that year. Hero’s Quest was my first experience in RPGs and my definitive experience in fantasy. I will never forget the cover to that game. I played the Quest for Glory games for several years and it was always my secret indulgence. I had some friends who played D&D, but I was always afraid to play because of my propagandized ignorance of the game. I was in my school library one day in 1994 when I noticed a paperback novel left on a table. The cover caught my attention. The red dragon in t
  2. Hmm, I believe you can monitor pledges and supporters at kicktraq.com. I agree though, having those tools available on each Kickstarter page would help encourage pledging. However, a pledger already has the option to remove, reduce, or increase their pledge any time until the end of the pledge period. Even if the Kickstarter is at $5,000 out of $50,000 on the final day, there is no risk with giving a pledge. Unfortunately, the opposite is true - a pledger could pledge $10,000 on the first day and change it to $1.00 on the last.
  3. Despite the misgivings about the QfG games or Kickstarters in general, wouldn't it make more sense to support every restart initiative from Sierra alumnus, specifically those who developed adventure games? I'm not saying you should break the bank, but even a dollar of token support goes a long way to re-establishing market interest in mainstream adventure gaming.
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