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  1. Haha, playing "battlecruisers" in the spacebar was a riot :) I just finished replaying sq5 last night, and yes, I think the spacebar is the only venue of the kind you're describing. I, as well, loved the mall in sq4 - just don't miss that dang credit card on the way in!! As far as the original post - I am on the exact same page. I seen the way the main character looked and was immediately let down by the cartoonish feel. However, now that I've accepted that this is NOT Space Quest, but a new game, and now that I've seen the corridor images, I'm feeling great about it. I'm as excited now as
  2. Totally understood. Because of a bad assumption I made from the get-go, I felt no reason to even read said email :) All my fault - thanks
  3. Hi - I think I should have paid more attention to the reward tiers when I backed. I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to see project updates - any way for me to upgrade tier at this point?
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