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  1. I finally got around to watching the video. Really awesome stuff! You guys rock! I wish I'd had the time and recording equipment to contribute, but the end result couldn't have been any better. Do any of you know if they have seen the video yet, and if so, how they reacted to it?
  2. Time flies by so fast these days. I'll try to watch this tonight. Awesome initiative and props to everyone who contributed.
  3. I think that's debatable. They replaced the forums with a "community" running on a new, mostly (intentionally) broken forum software. And more important, most of the old and most active forumites left. Sure there are some left, but as far as I can tell the place is being kept alive by a bunch of new people drawn there by their new game.
  4. I would sign something like that too. Codemasters isn't bigger than that a petition just might get the attention of the higher ups. And maybe it will be enough that they'll at least reconsider their deal with Replay.
  5. I sent Josh an e-mail last night. It's not something I would usually do either, but Josh comes across as such a genuinely nice guy, and there's no doubt that he's extremely talented, so he really deserves the attention.
  6. It happened within a couple of days over at the Telltale Games forums recently as well. I never thought I'd see a forum I frequently visit just dwindle away so fast, and to have it happen not just once but twice in a matter of a few weeks is pretty amazing. The TTG forums death probably won't be as permanent though.
  7. I don't see how he'd be able to backtrack his way out of this one. The way he's handled the situation so far, I think it might possibly draw enough negative attention that not even people less aware of current adventure gaming news are going to be interested in whatever Replay plans on publishing in the future.
  8. I'm sorry for you guys just getting the middle finger from Paul Trowe after everything you've put into the LSL reboot. I went back to the Replay forums after things started to escalate in the Kickstarter update comments, and the discussions there are barely coherent with so many notable posters just completely vanished. I only just registered here, since I've been spread a bit thin between various forums after the adventure game renaissance last year, but I like MusicallyInspired's suggestion about doing something nice for the Two Guys and the Space Pope. Also, I recognize so many names fr
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