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  1. Wait, wait, that is NOT the one that burned down. The building in the image above is in downtown Oakhurst, and if that was the one that'd burned down, then you'd pretty much have to write off the whole town. The building that burned down was some distance away, up closer towards Yosemite. TSN was not located in the building pictured above; in fact, I think that by the time TSN was being worked on, we'd entirely moved out of that redwood building. Josh
  2. That was quick! I have been informed, and have left (what I hope is) an appropriate response to that comment. Needless to say, it was NOT my comment. Thank you! I'm disheartened to see this, and I've asked Sticky Trigger to investigate. Josh
  3. Ooh, can it be parser-driven, and can it be in the turboshaft, and can I write the responses?
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