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  1. I'm terrible with slogans, but here are some contributions for the other categories: MEALS: - Burr-Tac-En: A burrito stuffed with a taco stuffed with an enchilada. However, there wasn't enough room for all the meat and toppings, so it's just three flour tortillas wrapped together. Vegetarian option. - Uncool Ranch® Boritos® Aburridos Taco: Taco Nova's lame cash-in on the success of a similar product marketed by their competitor, Taco Belch. - The Gassy Gaucho's Forty-Flavor Flauta: May cause uncontrollable flautalence. [sic] - 7-Lawyer Burrito: For a limited time only (read: until the inevitable litigation we're expecting starts keeping them busy), we've impressed our crack legal team into service crafting burritos. Taste the justice that Miles, Mia, Winston, Manfred, Franziska, Apollo, and Feenie are serving up today! - Juan Jose Ruiz Chimichanga: Unlike most everything else here, this esoteric, cheese-filled concoction will keep your traffic backed up for days, esse. COMBOS: - Whole Enchilada Love Combo: Sits in your stomach like a lead ze...um...dirigible. - C-C-C-Combo Platter: A tray of the chef's secret "Fireball" and "Dragon Punch" specialties, smothered in Double Inferno sauce. Available in quarter-circle and half-circle portions. - D.I.Y. Taco Combo: A plot of land in South America, several seed packets of wheat, corn, lettuce, and tomato plants, and a dehydrated cow (just add water). BEVERAGES: - Orange Juice: Not actually made from oranges. Technically not juice, either, but you wouldn't drink it if you knew what it really was. But hey, it's artificially orange! - Cavern Dew® Beaver Blast: The Labion flavor sensation! - Licuado de Pablo: Pablo just kept screaming...and screaming...and we asked his mother to hire a babysitter or send him to daycare or something, but NOOOOO, she insisted on bringing him to work. He's a good kid, she said. He just wants to help out, she said. Let him make some food and he'll stop screaming, she said. So we turned Pablo into a smoothie. Limited quantities available.
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