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  1. Let's propose an SQ7 was actually a possibility, do you think an SQ game could work with Roger having say, a droid as a companion? Think along the lines of Cedric in KQ5, but actually useful and able to solve some puzzles Roger himself can't, where you would take control of the droid and gameplay might be a tiny bit different, to shake things up a tad and give a new angle to the perspective, make the player think in different ways and the writing would be a bit different when playing as his companion (IE the narrator would actually kind of like you, or at least, tolerate you a tad more than the narrator does Roger); in characterization, the droid would be a sort of parody on the various companion/helpful droids in sci-fi fiction? Maybe kill off said companion in a dramatic climax? Have the droid enter mid-game maybe?...Maybe set the game years after SQ6, Roger and Bea have split up for the time being, and we start off with Roger at his lowest, flying solo through the stars in the Aluminum Mallard, and adventure finds him as it always does and he's swept up in an obviously nefarious and also quite hilarious plot and he comes across this little droid, who maybe is like, a shitty version of R2D2 basically, half functional and half-not, basically an idiot savant droid like Roger is an idiot savant janitor, and it becomes his one and only friend? Something a little cute, a little spunky, a little funny. Basically just a way to get Roger back to his roots, devoid of Starcon and that drama, with no mention of Beatrice until the very end - an old school Roger adventure without the two big monkeys on his back that have dogged him for two sequels. Anyone support this?
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